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Wed, 11/29/2023 - 08:09


Paper Tiger will rehearse after school today. Our last rehearsal before the concert next week.

Willy Wonka cast will be up sometime next week.


Boys Soccer at lunch recess. Portugal vs England.


Tue, 11/28/2023 - 08:07


Paper Tiger will rehearse tomorrow after school. This is our last rehearsal before the concert next week.


Girls soccer at 11:40 recess. Mexico VS Argentina.


Today is Giving Tuesday which is a day of kindness.

Mon, 11/27/2023 - 08:44


Our winter concert for Kindergarten to Gr.3, as well as the band, is NEXT WEEK! 

More details for teachers this week.


Take a look at what team you are on for soccer intramurals.

Today Team Spain VS Brazil at 11:40 recess.

Thu, 11/23/2023 - 08:44

There will be a "last call" for book fair this afternoon. Please wait for the announcement, then send 2-3 students at a time.

Wed, 11/22/2023 - 08:11


Some pretty brave auditioners for Willy Wonka yesterday! We are hoping to post the cast list soon! 

Band after school today.

Tue, 11/21/2023 - 08:47


Willy Wonka auditions  Today after school! Can't Wait! 

Band will have a rehearsal after school tomorrow.


Red Rock Wrestling is today at the high school from 3-5 and none on Thursday! This week only.

There is an intramural sign up by the gym for soccer for grades 4-6. Games will be played at 11:40.

Due to the gym being unavailable this afternoon, Phys Ed classes after lunch will be outside. Please meet at the front…

Mon, 11/20/2023 - 08:36


Auditions for Willy Wonka will be tomorrow after school. Be sure to have your monologue prepared!

Can't wait to see you all. Be sure to bring your permission forms in.


Its book fair week! Just a reminder there will be No Library classes, No open Library .and No Library helpers this week. Please check you email for the  book fair schedule.

Wed, 11/15/2023 - 08:39


Band after school today!


Our book fair starts Monday!  Classes will have scheduled times to view the fair.

Tue, 11/14/2023 - 08:39


Auditions for Willy Wonka will take place next Tuesday after school!

Remember to have your monologue memorized and have your form in.

Everyone gets a part! 

Tomorrow, the band will rehearse after school.

Fri, 11/10/2023 - 08:35


Amazing respectful Remembrance Day Assembly yesterday!!